The tech tool for refugees to learn about and get connected to Access programmes, via dedicated internet and power-ready Access Hubs, and for Access suppliers, partners and sponsors to have real-time MR&E (monitoring, reporting & evaluation).

A dedicated SMS + SaaS (software as a service) solution. Facilitating positive, collaborative engagement and productive outcomes for issues around migration and integration, embodying big data information management and data visualisations through human-centric design.

MyInform Objectives

  • Empowering refugees to have confidence that being ‘displaced’ will be recognised by host communities and the wider world, as a circumstance and not an identity; so that every individuals’ historical and aspirational context will be engaged with as part of the solution rather than a threat, to truly global prosperity and security.
  • Enabling humanitarian organisations, sponsors, supportive host countries, and Access partners to see in near real-time the impact of their collaboration with refugees and give them confidence to continue to do what they do… but be even better.

MyInform Service is quid pro quo

MyInform is unique in addressing both the requirement for on demand IM (information management / dissemination) and real-time MR&E (monitoring, reporting & evaluation).

A) MyInform refers refugees to individually-relevant support organisations, projects, programmes and expertise that meets their particular needs

B) MyInform delivers easily understood, predefined real-time data visualisations for programme suppliers, sponsors and organisations