Coordinated programmes of expertise and know-how provided online to refugees, enabling direct contact with those willing to share technologies, knowledge and enthusiasms.

These include learning, skills, job training. Access delivers knowledge as well as life enhancing ways of understanding; learning is delivered from around the world, via professional and amateur volunteering individuals as well as through more formal organisational partner programmes.

Access covers subject matter geared to what our refugee led partner organisations on the ground express is needed and/or wanted by their community members.

The purpose of HTiL’s work is to listen first, and then help our refugee partner organisations on the ground develop a suitable network of Access programmes, whilst ensuring there are appropriate, clean, safe, power / internet ready Access hub venues at the heart of their refugee communities. We aim to:

  • empower families through shared learning opportunities and relevant therapies;
  • provide existing refugee pedagogues with the latest teaching methods, knowledge and skills to deliver new subjects, skills and therapies to their communities;
  • facilitate young men and women’s ability to train for jobs, learn ways to directly improve their communities, or simply broaden their existing areas of interest;
  • for both genders and all ages, children to the elderly, explore new avenues of learning – empowering and encouraging individuals in how and why to better self define in order to achieve their personal aspirations; and finally
  • for all refugees, regardless of context, to have access to direct engagement with the wider world – culturally, socially, intellectually, technically and economically.