Niger and Policy Experiments

Niger is a West African landlocked country. Despite being considered a stable country it is surrounded by countries that are directly affected by conflict. Insufficient access to livelihoods and problems with having civil documentation issued are just some of the challenges […]

Migrants Skills to Thrive

international migration

  Michael Clemens, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development and Research Managing International Migration  “The world urgently needs better tools to manage international migration. But few agree on how to make those tools, or even which ones we need. We […]

Deeply Talks: Fallout From E.U. Migration Obsession Rocks — Refugees Deeply

credit Refugees Deeply

“After a dramatic drop in migrants crossing the central Mediterranean, some E.U. leaders are declaring victory. Migration expert Giulia Lagana urges caution in a conversation with Daniel Howden on his recent Refugees Deeply investigation.” Source: Deeply Talks: Fallout From E.U. […]