Migrants held hostage to politics

Woman rescued in the Mediterranean sea

At a time when global displacement is at a record high, the Italian government recently held its own coast guard and the people it had rescued hostage ‘in a cynical gambit to force other European Union countries to take the […]

Migration data tells stories


  Migration data tells stories During the International Forum on Migration Statistics 2018, Susanne Melde gave an interview: Migration data tells stories. Melde is a specialist in migration governance and policy analysis and has worked on migration policy and data […]

Forum on Migration Statistics


The International Organization for Migration, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development organised the first-ever International Forum on Migration Statistics in January 2018. Migration Statistics Hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation […]

Refugee Sponsorship


A group of governments have recently taken a stand and have committed to support an approach to refugee resettlement that harnesses the strength of people in their communities. Government representatives from Canada, Spain, UK, Ireland, Argentina and New Zealand, who […]

How accurate is the data?


Statistical data on the flow of migrants and refugees around the world is drawn from regularly by International press and policymakers. HTiL has included statistics in our resources pages. How accurate the information on the flow of people is, how […]

Education Programme in Ugandan Settlement


Currently, there are an impressive 2,001 pupils enrolled between Inyau, African Childcare, Supiri and Longamere in Uganda.  Established in 2017, the accelerated education programme in Imvepi refugee settlement in receives funding from the European Commission. Despite the ceasefire that was signed in 2017 […]

South Sudan

Declared the 193rd country of the world in 2011, South Sudan planned on creating a new era for its people. Despite the population that voting in favor of independence from Sudan. People experienced a short period of peace before becoming […]

Niger and Policy Experiments


Niger is a West African landlocked country. Despite being considered a stable country it is surrounded by countries that are directly affected by conflict. Insufficient access to livelihoods and problems with having civil documentation issued are just some of the challenges […]

Refugee & Host Youth Stories

A story directly from refugees and host youth living in and around Palabek Ogil refugee settlement in Lamwo District, Northern Uganda. This film is an example of what can be achieved with only two weeks training in basic video advocacy. […]

Host Communities & Refugees Cooperation.


Uganda is a host to over 1.4 million refugees, these figures place it as Africa’s leading country for hosting these communities of people. Rhino Camp can be found within the Arua District in the northeast of the country. A country that […]