Algorithm to Help Refugees Get Jobs

A recent article by Natalie Sikorski at Refugees Deeply provides a deeper understanding of the algorithm meant to help refugees get jobs fast. An algorithm for locating refugee resettlement could improve refugees probability in finding work according to researchers from […]

Pressure on US Sanctuary Jurisdictions

As a member of the HTIL Research Team, I just want to offer a short interpretative précis of an excellent MPI report by Muzaffar Chishti and Jessica Bolter. Trump Administration Ratchets up Pressure on “Sanctuary” Jurisdictions Migration Information Source February […]

SMARTCASH & UN BlockChain Summit


SmartCash was invited by the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs in New York to present at The Humanitarian Blockchain Summit, hosted by Fordham University in collaboration with the United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technology on the 10th November. The Humanitarian Blockchain […]

Winterization in Kara Tepe camp, Lesvos

Kara Tepe drone picture

Depending so highly on a single donor makes UNHCR the operational arm of the EU’s shortsighted policies. This is the third winter for UNHCR in Greece… Winterization is a word used in the humanitarian world to describe a number of […]

Basic Arabic UX for Business

arabic UX

Designing for the Arab User some things to consider in relation to basic Arabic UX for Business. What you’ll read about in this article: Mirroring layout for an Arabic interface is key, but has its limitations, Digits are written from […]

For Syrian Refugees In Turkey, A Long Road To Regular Employment

syrian refugee employment

In a neighborhood of Istanbul that’s plastered with Arabic signs, a Syrian refugee whips up his specialty — avocado cream smoothies — at the small, colorful cafe where he works. Majd al-Hassan has been in Turkey for two years, but […]

A Glimpse into the Future

future of migration

A glimpse into the future, what are the current challenges facing the phenomenon of global migration? How has the debate around migration changed in the last 10 years and how will it continue to develop over the next decade? What […]

Special Focus Refugees and Labour

Refugee Review Volume III

The ESPMI Network releases its third edition of Refugee Review, an open-source, peer-reviewed journal that aims to showcase unique perspectives and emerging voices in refugee studies. In this edition, they are pleased to present 18 academic articles, practitioner reports and […]

Migrants Skills to Thrive

international migration

  Michael Clemens, Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development and Research Managing International Migration  “The world urgently needs better tools to manage international migration. But few agree on how to make those tools, or even which ones we need. We […]

Human Potential: Investing in Refugees – Refugee Code Academy

HTiL Partner: Refugee Coding Academy

Here is a wonderful overview of the work of our Partners Refuge Code Academy! Source: Human Potential: Investing in Refugees – Refugee Code Academy