Uganda Humanitarian Situation

Uganda is Africa’s leading refugee-hosting country.  In addition to conflict, refugees have recently experienced a cholera outbreak. As a consequence, there have been forty deaths, while cholera has affected over 2,000 people. Between January and March 2018, 60,000 refugees arrived […]

Special Jurisdictions

Politas is helping make the refugee cities vision a reality. Through projects in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Michael Castle Miller is the CEO of Politas Consulting and serves as the Executive Director of Refugee Cities. Presently, Michael is familiar with […]

Empowering Refugees

The Refugee Code Academy recently visited one of the largest refugee camps in the world to set up an on-site coding school. HTiL team member Omron Blauo in this excellent article, highlights the benefits of A NEW MODEL FOR REFUGEES […]

Urban Refugees

MyInform exists precisely to empower refugees – partner with us operationally in the ground so we can do precisely that   The prevailing image of where refugees live is of temporary camps in isolated areas — but in reality, nearly […]

Refugee & Host Youth Stories

A story directly from refugees and host youth living in and around Palabek Ogil refugee settlement in Lamwo District, Northern Uganda. This film is an example of what can be achieved with only two weeks training in basic video advocacy. […]

Host Communities & Refugees Cooperation.

Uganda is a host to over 1.4 million refugees, these figures place it as Africa’s leading country for hosting these communities of people. Rhino Camp can be found within the Arua District in the northeast of the country. A country that […]

Algorithm to Help Refugees Get Jobs

A recent article by Natalie Sikorski at Refugees Deeply provides a deeper understanding of the algorithm meant to help refugees get jobs fast. An algorithm for locating refugee resettlement could improve refugees probability in finding work according to researchers from […]

Refugees in Uganda Combating Information Precarity

HTIL are delighted to share some examples of the excellent work by our partners CDC and CEDED in Uganda. From trauma healing and reconciliation programs to providing counselling training and skills for refugee women leaders in Rhino Camp. Allowing women to change […]