HTiL Partners 

HTiL partnerships are our endgame. Partners are contributors, developers, volunteers, consultants, supporters, professional experts and above all the beneficiaries of our work.

These include refugee and non-refugee groups, corporate sponsors, foundations, churches, charities, institutions, CSR initiatives, UN Organisations, INGOs and government departments etc. from around the world committed to the UNHCR ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ as they relate to the displaced, migration and integration.

Those who are already fulfilling roles in the name of the displaced or being organisations of displaced persons.  Those representing potential host nations; or those who seek to contribute to support our efforts in the realisation of the MyInform SaaS service specifically.

Potential HTiL Partners are all those engaged in issues surrounding migration and integration. HTiL seeks to engage all these in the articulation of data needed to optimise delivery of goods and services to the displaced and empower them to become productive, valued and self directed individuals.

Here is a small selection of site links and videos

showing the work, products, services, and capabilities of our various sponsors, partners, affiliates and supporters.  In the spirit of our innovation lab, we are as keen to promote and share their achievements and objectives as we are to engage them with our work to develop and deploy the MyInform service.


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  CEDED South Sudan


If MyInform can be of use to your project or service please contact us here with a brief description of how we might work with you to accelerate the impact of your work, or indeed how you might like to get involved to support our efforts.