Disembarkation platforms

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  Disembarkation platforms & controlled centers Disembarkation platforms and controlled centers are concepts that have been explored at recent EU meetings. What would the main objectives of the proposed regional disembarkation platforms be? The concept of regional disembarkation platforms has […]

Psychosocial support for refugee children in Uganda

refugee children in school

It has been estimated that around sixty percent of the South Sudanese refugees currently hosted in Uganda are children. Uganda is in East Africa, which has a population of roughly 369 million people. Child refugees have faced many challenges as […]

Migration data tells stories


  Migration data tells stories During the International Forum on Migration Statistics 2018, Susanne Melde gave an interview: Migration data tells stories. Melde is a specialist in migration governance and policy analysis and has worked on migration policy and data […]

Understanding return migration


Understanding return migration Dr. Nassim Majidi is Co-Founder and Co-Director, Migration Pillar and the Co-Founder of Samuel Hall. Leading evidence-based research and policy development on migration and displacement. Majidi has worked in Africa, Asia, and Europe over the past decade with […]

Migrants are a lot like you


During the International Forum on Migration Statistics 2018, Tim Dixon gave an interview: Migrants are a lot like you. Dixon is the co-founder of More in Common an international initiative. Essentially, it was established to build stronger communities and societies that […]

Forum on Migration Statistics


The International Organization for Migration, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development organised the first-ever International Forum on Migration Statistics in January 2018. Migration Statistics Hosted by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation […]

Refugee Sponsorship


A group of governments have recently taken a stand and have committed to support an approach to refugee resettlement that harnesses the strength of people in their communities. Government representatives from Canada, Spain, UK, Ireland, Argentina and New Zealand, who […]

List of dead migrants & refugees destroyed at Liverpool Biennial

The List contains data on the deaths of refugees and migrants. Data that has been collected through European NGO network UNITED for Intercultural Action which is a network of more than 560 organisations across Europe. Between 1993 and 2018, the campaign has gathered details of over 34,361 deaths.

UNITED for Intercultural Action is a pan-European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees. They have shared their distress at the mysterious attack on their work which has taken place at the Liverpool Biennial, UK. The List contains […]

How accurate is the data?


Statistical data on the flow of migrants and refugees around the world is drawn from regularly by International press and policymakers. HTiL has included statistics in our resources pages. How accurate the information on the flow of people is, how […]

Migrants & refugees are good for economies

Esraa at work in the Stitch by Stitch workshop. © UNHCR/Gordon Welters

Research published in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, suggests that asylum seekers are not a “burden” for Western European countries. Instead, it suggests that as ‘asylum seekers become permanent residents, their macroeconomic impacts become positive.’ Science Advances […]