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Addressing Beautiful Arua Campaign

The ABA Campaign is bringing actual addresses for the first time to all the residents of the Arua Settlements and was made possible in-conjunction with our excellent partnership with

Here is What3Words 2019 Press Release demonstrating work in progress. You can learn more about the ABA Campaign Strategies by clicking here and for the ABA Campaign Overview click here.

Please join What3Words, HTiL and the CDC to accelerate the outcomes of efficiency for critical infrastructures and quality of life enhancement which comes by bringing the thousands in Arua Settlements their own immutable address via the internationally recognised w3w addressing system. Empowering refugees and local humanitarian organisations to operate their services, projects and programmes, improving meaningful monitoring, reporting and evaluating, targeting of beneficiaries and improvement of services offered. 50,000 of the target population for 3word Addressing within the ABA campaign was reached over a 3 month period. Extended through the CDC piloting of the MyInform SaaS solution for SMS and online sharing of information as the ongoing legacy feature of the campaign. Part of the unique promotion strategies for this campaign includes an event of local singers who composed songs in both English, Arabic and local languages on the accuracy of what3word in talking about location at the same time encouraging the public to download the application and use it for locating each others precise locations.

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CDC Hubs

CDC hubs are the physical locations for CDC programmes’ for delivery of world-class education, community enhancement, skills and jobs training.

Currently working to achieve the required tech and non-tech equipment, sustainable power, the provision of infrastructures + internet connectivity which will be needed to deliver the programmes in these accessible, safe, secure, clean and managed centres. The upgrading of existing structures to Hubs will equally and very importantly also benefit their original uses as primary and secondary schools and community centres. Programmes will include the provision to all refugees of the online version of the MyInform Service; which will in turn support all programmes and projects brought by CDC to the Arua Refugee Settlements as well as all other programmes on offer to refugees.

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Information about CDC Hubs

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Trauma Healing and Reconciliations Project (ongoing since 2017)

The Community Development Centre created Trauma Healing and Reconciliations Project in Refugee camps in Uganda. The aims of this project were to give physiological support to the South Sudanese refugee communities living in the settlements. Essentially, the project provided a platform for peacebuilding and reconciliation. Stakeholders for the Trauma Healing and Reconciliations Project include Ministry of Youth and Sports Uganda and the Yei River County Commissioner’s Office.

This was achieved by providing a platform for peacebuilding community dialogues between refugee and hosts communities in Rhino camp. An emphasis was placed on increasing local community knowledge in relation to local conflict mapping, conflict resolution and peace continuation. This was established in order to inculcate peace and reconciliation among both local and refugee communities in Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement.

Menstrual Health Management

The Community Development Centre is currently implementing a Menstrual health Management project. Successfully reaching 1900 vulnerable refugee women and girls. Providing reusable sanitary kits and basic hygiene education. This project aims to give dignity through hygiene for resilience. Stakeholders for the Menstrual Health Management projects include the UNHCR, Office of the Prime Minister, and the Refugee Welfare Council.

This program is supported by THE UNMENTIONABLES. An organisation that provides forcibly displaced people and their communities with safe and consistent access to sexual and reproductive health education, services, protection, and empowerment programs around the world. In addition to providing people with the knowledge, skills, and tools to make well-informed decisions for their futures.





Radio Talk Shows

The Community Development Centre continues to facilitate radio talk shows who are interested in broadcasting on refugee rights to movement, employment, and education. These programs are implemented in collaboration with the Centre For Democracy and Development (CEDED), Sudan, and this collaboration has received funding from the National Endowment for Democracy – NED.


Match 4 Peace

The Community Development Centre is currently mobilizing actions to counter hate speech and encourage peace. Essentially, this is a local peacebuilding information project that has been designed to mitigate social media hate speech and online incitement to violence in South Sudan and among South Sudanese communities in the diaspora. The stakeholders for Match4Peace include the Ministry of Information & Postal Service, South Sudan, Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda, and South Sudanese communities. 









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