CDC Pilot (Uganda)

Each MyInform pilot will be tailored to the multitude of variables on the ground for which it will be developed and into which it will be deployed.  Our focus for each pilot will be defined by our chosen partners on the ground; those who are actually engaged in the work with refugees and can benefit in that work via our MyInform Service.

The Community Development Centre (CDC) is the MyInform service’s lead local refugee partner in Arua District settlements, Uganda (including Imvepi, Omogo and Rhino refugee camps).

      CDC MyInform Pilot Impacts:

  • CDC will use the MyInform service to help with their current work obtaining feedback from refugees in the camp, while broadening the awareness of support, projects and programmes available.
  • With this Pilot, as with all deployments of MyInform, the refugee user of the MyInform Chat will always be the recipient of relevant referrals sourced from our MyInform DB, specifically in accordance with their unique historical, current and aspirational contexts (without the need for PII disclosure).
  • Equally, the objective of using MyInform in this case, is also to insure that data visualisations defined in advance by the CDC (and their international subscribing partners) are delivered in near real-time on the MyInform Hub; effectively allowing MyInform to be a uniquely effective tool for Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation (MR&E) as well as Information Management (IM).
  • CDC’s use of the MyInform service will also optimise CDC ability as local refugee led point of coordination for new programme partners and projects, chosen from the HTiL network, delivering fresh proven expertise, projects and programmes from around the globe to the inhabitants of the Arua District settlements.

The facts and figures articulated by the UNHCR are daunting, but being engaged positively is the only solution worth pursuing. Making sure that every step is one that empowers those on the ground to be part of their own solution is the purpose of the MyInform pilot.  The work throughout 2018 has been about networking to bring meaningful proven programmes in education, skills training and jobs and has been the essential preparation for the launch MyInform Pilot in 2019.

CDC and HTiL July meeting pic

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