MyInform Service

A dedicated SaaS (software as a service) solution. Facilitating positive, collaborative engagement + productive outcomes for issues around migration and integration, embodying big data information management and data visualisations through human-centric design.

The service is a quid pro quo solution which
A) refers refugees to support organisations, projects, programmes and expertise that meets their particular needs +
B) creates pre-requested data visualisations for those programmes and organisations addressing uniquely both their requirements for near real-time IM (information management / dissemination) and MR&E (monitoring reporting evaluation).


Purpose of development and deployment of the MyInform service

  • So that being ‘displaced’ is acknowledged as a circumstance and not an identity, and where this circumstance is recognised as demanding action based on every individuals’ historical and aspirational context and identity
  • So that displaced persons are able to use their identity, personal history and aspirations to become recognised as being part of the solution to truly global prosperity and security rather than being seen as a threat to it.

Dual axis approach of the MyInform service  

  1. Development of the MyInform Chat will enable displaced people in Phase 1., by means of natural language exchanges across all communication channels available, to more easily communicate with humanitarian organisations and host countries. Eventually (in the final Phase 3. of development) HTiL will create the possibility for each displaced person to have their own temporary secure digital profile containing personal history, needs and aspirations. This Phase 3. digital profile will be an ‘opt-in’ system enabling each individual to choose whether to create and update their profile as well as to identify which parts (if any) to share.
  2. Development of the associated MyInform Hub will represent anonymised and aggregated data from MyInform Chat exchanges providing pre-agreed and near realtime visualisations to:
    • humanitarian and civil society organisations, policy makers and (SDG/Grand Bargain/Global Compact) committed government and community leaders, to help them to improve the targeting of services for displaced people;
    • assisting sustainable integration/reintegration to the mutual benefit to displaced people and host countries


Process Update 2018-2019:


Process Update 2016-2017:

The larger goals of MyInform platform have been defined, tested, reworked and addressed at every stage according to an agile management methodology. General impacts and outcomes of sprints reworked and advised on, until after 18 months we are ready to approach specific pilot Project Partners, operational on the ground, to use the service and help fund MyInform coding, deployment and maintenance on an iterative location by location basis.

  • The hallmark of the HumanTech Innovation Lab is transparency of purpose and development, engagement and authenticity at every stage.
  • The process of development, implementation, and promotion of both the main objectives and the autonomous individual iterations along the way, will be approached by and reported on, through the individuals responsible and shared as a public update on the News posts as well.
  • Collaboration remains at the heart of our lab. This collaboration will include the Alpha team (i.e. the HTiL catalysts) and the Omega team (ie. our supporters, expert engineers and developers (paid and unpaid) as well as the ultimate beneficiaries of the work – organisations representing the displaced, humanitarian organisations, host governments, academics and researchers etc).
  • The Omega Team contributors will be acknowledged with every outcome achieved along the road as it is their engagement collaboratively with the development and deployment of the MyInform service, that will eventually replace the lab itself.