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“We face great challenges, that’s true, but our capacity to solve them is even greater, we have unlimited capacity if we are united. If we work together, we can build this world better for all. Let’s work together, Ladies and Gentlemen, to make this world better; where nobody is left behind.”

Ban Ki-Moon, London 5th February, 2016


Support Provider Organisations:

Here is a very simple 3 Question form that will let us know what we can do to consolidate information to help you with your work. Support providers, policy makers, governance advisors, researchers and academics who are directly dealing with the issues surrounding the displaced and refugees, migration, integration and reintegration are encouraged to reply here online via this form.

Your answers will help insure HTiL can provide for each of you the realtime intelligence you need, to do what you do better, faster, more efficiently and effectively. (Click on and then scroll within the online Support Provider Information Form here and press Submit at the bottom, no downloading nor cover letters required).

Join our work however you can:

Please fill out the form below and let us know what you can do to help us gather data, to deliver meaning and promote solutions.

Whether you are:

  • someone with direct experience of being displaced
  • a researcher who can give us a few hours to research / investigate / interrogate a particular outcome
  •  writer, media person, student
  • a concerned individual who can make the time and lend your voice or pen to our efforts
  • postgrad or retired professional or academic who can make the time to work on an aspect of what we do for a dissertation or paper
  • or a member of an humanitarian organisation, policy researcher, politician, lawyer, civil servant or charity volunteer that would like to collaborate and share your insights; we want to hear from you.

Please give us your contact below and your thoughts and we will respond directly. It will be a great pleasure to hear from you and keep you updated.