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An article that encourages us to consider how following the money shows where EU priorities really lie in relation migration. Follow the money: What are the EU’s migration policy priorities? By Gianna-Carina Grün. 




Currently, 3.39 billion euro has been allocated to the EU Trust Fund for Africa. The figures below, illustrate the implementation of the EUTF for Africa up to May 29th, 2018. In addition, these figures are updated on a weekly basis. 


What is EUTF for Africa?

EUTF  or  European Trust Fund establishes itself as providing stability and addressing the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa. This fund aims to encourage stability and to assist with improved migration management. In addition, it aims to address the ‘root causes of destabilisation, forced displacement, and irregular migration’.

Africa is one of the worlds largest continents, with over fifty-four countries. Currently, the EUTF has chosen to focus on three main areas of Africa ‘the Sahel and Lake Chad, the Horn of Africa and North Africa.

EUTF hopes to achieve its aims through, economic development programmes, strengthening resilience for improved food and nutrition security, improving migration governance and management and supporting improvements in overall governance.



Analysis suggests that  ‘by following the money from the EU we can see which areas the union puts the most emphasis on when it comes to migration policy.The numbers show that stopping migrants along the way is at least equally important as changing the underlying causes of migration.’ DW



The EU sets goals for its migrations policy, DW analysis suggests that ‘on paper, they are sold as equal. Financially they are not’. DW Following the money shows where those priorities really lie. An example of this would be how the
‘numbers show that stopping migrants along the way is at least equally important as changing the underlying causes of migration.’DW

Root Causes of Migration

What are the root causes of migration? Some of the root causes in Africa are economic, social, political and environmental factors. Migrants respond to these by migrating internally or internationally. Carefully navigating issues such as financial constraints in order to live a better life.

Better in this context being a life where people are not suffering as a result of economic, social, political or environmental issues in their country of origin. What happens when the countries most in need of funds to assist the root causes of migration are low down on the list of a fund’s priorities?

Read Follow the money: What are the EU’s migration policy priorities? by Gianna-Carina Grün


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