ICRC Humanitarian Agenda 2018

HTiL could not applaud more the stated objectives of ICRC Director Peter Maurer who reports on 7 issues that will shape their humanitarian agenda for 2018.

What are the 7 key issues?

The international community’s report card on conflict
Rebuilding urban battlefields
Transforming humanitarian funding
International humanitarian law
Forgotten people
Cyber attacks and new weapons of war
Tech for good

Peter Maurer has witnessed how people are suffering as a result of conflict and violence. Most recently in Syria and the Central African Republic. Maurer publishes regular statements through the ICRC website that provide readers with an opportunity to better understand his observations and experiences.

A recent statement in response to a visit in Syria suggests that ‘too often destruction seems to be the goal as the basic standards of humanity are ignored’.

The ICRC carries out humanitarian work in over eighty countries through Peter Maurer’s leadership. The 7 key issues identified in this recent report, clarify the areas that he will be focusing on for 2018.

The outcome of this work ‘depends on an increased commitment from states and other stakeholders on minimum standards of humanity, and broad agreement for neutral, impartial, independent, humanitarian action.’ ICRC

Seven key Issues the ICRC have Identified as Shaping the Humanitarian Agenda in 2018

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