Reliable options for Uganda and Refugees

‘…As a result of the allegations, said Ecweru, biometric registration would be introduced for all refugees in the east African nation. Uganda is home to about 1.4m refugees at present.

“It’s going to be an expensive exercise,” said Ecweru. “We are going to do a biometric registration for the entire system using the UNHCR-tested system.”

Smerdon said the WFP would work with its partners to “address any impropriety and root out any wrongdoing”. He said: “We need to focus on the refugees and whether their basic needs for protection and assistance are being met.” ‘

Biometric registration for the refugees is of course one way to address the problem of ongoing defrauding of resources by the officials responsible for delivering the same.   (see article How officials_swindled refugee funds, stole relief items… Feb 9.18 Business Focus Reporter ) 

The HTiL would suggest that a complimentary (not alternative), far faster, sustainable and scalable way would be to launch a MyInform Chat in the region as soon as possible.

It was after all not in fact the refugees who misrepresented their numbers or their reality, so working with direct data from those refugees while letting them take the lead on expressing directly what their individual historical, current and aspirational contexts are, is perhaps a more productive solution?  A solution that is collaborative and has the starting point that the displacement is a circumstance not an identity (unlike either top down distribution of what is perceived as needed, or biometrics registration, on their own).

MyInform is a demand side solution, but unlike any other it serves the creation of a reciprocal understanding of both the displaced and the support providers in one operation.  It does not depend on a potentially hostile government infrastructure for implementation.  By use of well structured big data information management, without partisan affiliation of any sort, MyInform can be developed and deployed with a host of partners; including government departments, to deliver realtime aggregated anonymised visualisations (MyInform Hub).  The primary qualification for being considered as a MyInform project partner, is being committed to solutions in line with the UN SDGs and Grand Bargain undertakings.

Unlike, the very expensive (we are told) process of a biometric system implementation, MyInform is a SaaS solution which could be delivered collaboratively with all those actually on the ground and grow organically as it works for its users, changing and adapting its referrals through MyInform Chat and giving near realtime data visualisations on precisely what support providers, project leaders whether government, UN, CSO, NGO etc…all those relevant to assisting, via the MyInform Hub.

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