Building Digital Identities

Building digital identities, we are very happy to post this fantastic report.  The aim of the report is (as described below) specifically in line with the urgent requirement also identified by HTiL and planned to be addressed in phase 3 of our MyInform development.

Namely, the overwhelming blocks to being able to legally and socially engage, self-direct their lives or prosper in any meaningful way within the modern world for those without a reliable method to compile, control, declare and share their identities.  This work is hugely overdue and HTiL will certainly take its implicit recommendations and observations very much into consideration in our development and deployment of MyInform


“This report brings together leading researchers across the legal and social sciences, alongside technical and commercial specialists to explore the challenges and the opportunities for the digital collection of behavioural attributes for new and emerging digital identity systems. We provide a unique and wide view to the problem area, and unpack the role of behavioural attributes within the existing legal, social and technical landscape.”


Dr Ana Beduschi (Exeter University, Law School)

Research partners: Co-investigators: Dr Jonathan Cinnamon (geography) and Dr Chunbo Luo (computer science). External non-academic partner: Joss Langford, Coelition

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