Basic Arabic UX for Business

arabic UX

Designing for the Arab User some things to consider in relation to basic Arabic UX for Business.

What you’ll read about in this article:

  • Mirroring layout for an Arabic interface is key, but has its limitations,
  • Digits are written from left to right in Arabic, despite a right-to-left interface,
  • Translating text into Arabic is not enough to create an Arabic interface,
  • Not all words can be translated 1:1 in Arabic; some will result with long, descriptive phrases,
  • Arabic script usually requires a bigger font than that used in the Roman alphabet,
  • It is wise to refer Arab users to content in English (only about 5% of global content is in Arabic).

Read more about Designing for the Arab User — Basic Arabic UX for Business – SOURCE: read the full article at Freecodecamp

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