Coding Skills in Africa

“Africa Code Week October 2017, we dug deep into the world of coding with Claire Gillissen-Duval, the Co-Founder and Global Lead of Africa Code Week.”

A brilliant exposition on the importance of coding training and jobs for the displaced, an interview conducted by u/Chief [Insights and interviews for leaders, disruptors and innovators].  The overview of the importance of empowering the displaced with a means to not only survive to thrive and self direct their futures resonates very much with our work at HTiL.  Our  MyInform Chat will seek at every opportunity to bring these possibilities to relevant refugees, and  MyInform Hub will be at the service of support providers and all individuals and organisations, so they may use our real-time dataset visualisations to plan/realise this and similar endeavours.

Source: Coding’s call to arms – u|Chief

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